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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Further update

Okay, first the adorably cute puppy pix.  She's actually five years old, but she only weighs 7 lbs, so she seems like a puppy.  Most loveable critter we have ever had.  She sits next me at my desk much of the time.  Unfortunately, she never outgrew getting carsick, so she has to stay home.  Honestly, she hates care rides so much she runs to her crate every time she thinks we're leaving!  She's very happy at home.

Covid warnings were everywhere, though I'm not sure why.  There were so few cases in Wyoming and even fewer deaths.  Guess the liberal media here needed something to terrify us with.  We never had a full shut down and masks were never mandatory.  The traffic never really decreased much so other than destroying the small businesses our governor says he loves, not much changed.  Oil and gas layoffs, coal mine closing and small businesses destroyed by the elected "leader" should clear the state out soon..... 

The redtail hawks were back using the outhouse in the basin as a nesting platform.  Our realtor sent a picture of four eggs in the nest he took with a drone.  We went down Memorial Day and this is what we found:

Last year, Jim went down later, into June and the four babies were larger then.  They had some yellow on them.  These were basically all white.  They hid down in the next quite a bit but would pop their heads up to see what was going on.  Hawks nesting on the roof means we can't use the outhouse, but that's okay.  We have alternatives:  Bucket with plastic liner and sawdust like we use at night.  It's worth it to see the hawks.

Gardening is coming along very slowly.  I dragged the raised bed frames from six years ago into the garden (we were killing weeds in the garden all that summer, so couldn't use the usual area), plus mowed most of the grass off (ducks were living in the garden last year, so lots of grass).  I will till later.  It's so dry, I had to water for several hours in the hopes of getting the ground wet enough to actually till.  The greenhouse remains in need of preparation, but as long as it's hot, I only get and hour or so in mornings and there are other things that need done in addition to the garden.

Signing off for now.  I'll try not to be another 10 months without an update.

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