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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I see it's been quite some time since I last posted.  In the time passed, my pomeranian, Dusty died.  I was in the hospital four times with three surgeries.  That did not leave much time for blogging.

Things are better now.  I just got a new puppy—a female Yorkie that we named Shasa.  She's quite small—maybe a pound or so.  Her parents were small.  We had agreed that when Dusty died, our next dog would be a female Yorkie.  We were not having much luck finding Yorkies for sale in Wyoming and then an ad showed up in the paper.  It was a Wyoming breeder, which was good.  She's quite smart and socialized.  She knows what a pee pad is for, thought she may not always avail herself of the knowledge!  Also, in typical Yorkie fashion, she is clever enough to climb up on furniture and other no-no's!  We are actively puppy—proofing the house as much as possible.


One of our muscovies also hatched 11 babies.  Nine are still alive—one got through the fence and died.  Our duck pen is not baby-proofed either, it seems.  One is in the house.  I found him face-first in the dirt and felt sorry for him.  I never thought I'd bring a duckling in the house, but I felt sorry for him.  It's very, very cold here.  Today's it's 37 degrees with snow.  When I brought in the baby duck, it was barely above 40 degrees.  I didn't think it would survive, but after I got it warmed up it started eating and drinking.  This is the third day and it's still alive.  (I use "it" because I have no idea what sex it is.)

Muscovy babies

As noted, it is snowing today.  I had gotten all my cold weather crops planted and since then it has been really cold and wet.  Our highs are often only in the fifties.  I doubt anything has come up and it's too wet to walk in.  I can't mow and the grass is a foot tall.  We can't even use the dog yard because it's overgrown and it's too cold and wet to work in.  For now, Sasha uses her papers.  She's usually too busy sniffing around outside to bother to do her business.  Typical puppy!

We also had hail a couple of days ago, enough that it looked like snow.  There was a tornado that hit Torrington and very large hail in several places.  This was typical when I moved out here 32 years ago. It is possible that weather does run in cycles.  If so, winter will be long and harsh.


Right now, she's untying my shoes for the third or fourth time.

Had to put up a tarp to help protect the duck with the babies.  It is really cold and windy out there.

First May snow

Daffodils in snow

Deer are back!