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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gone but not forgotten!

It looks like much of the US is sharing in the wind phenomena we experience much of the time. Last Sunday, the skeleton of a new bank building was blown over by high winds. Gusts were well over 50 mph. I didn't see any reports of semis blowing off the road, but that is common also.

We had our first snow yesterday. It has been a very mild fall--I just gave up on the garden last Friday. I'm looking forward to actual winter.

I see it has been a long time since I updated this page. Things have been busy with gardening, hunting, going to the cabin, etc. And with a craft fair coming up, I am behinder than usual! Garden is pretty much done and hunting season has only 2 days left. We ended up with 3 deer and 2 antelope so far. I have one deer tag left.

Life has been pretty quiet here. We made it out to the ranch about three times. We went on opening day for antelope season and were not happy with the hunters. We had two driving across our land (one shot and antelope, gutted it and then drove off over more of our land) and one we told they were not to drive on our land. Later, a neighbor called and had a bullet hole in his shop from careless hunters. At times I think Game and Fish has lost control of hunting here--hunters were driving all over private land, camping and parking on the roads, etc. Hunter Management areas were supposed to help, but I think it just made things worse because the hunters that see antelope near the management area feel free to drive over any land between them and the antelope or deer. It's very frustrating.

It has been cooling off a bit--only in the 50's today. I am so hoping for winter soon!

I am waiting for animal control to come get their trap with a skunk in it. We had it to catch a stray cat, but caught a skunk instead. The trap is within 20 feet of the front door and the skunk can see anyone who walks up the sidewalk. He was asleep most of the day, but it's clouding over and cooling off and he is waking up every so often. If they don't come soon, I will have to cover him with a tarp or something so he doesn't know whether people are around or not. We trapped 2 or 3 others earlier this year.

That's it for now. Maybe I can add more later and some pictures!