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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Springtime in Wyoming

Today has alternated between snow and sunshine.  It's snowing right now:
 Earlier, it was bright and sunny, then snow for about half an hour, then sunny and now snow again.  This is very interesting weather!

The picture to the right shows what the wind did to the shed roof last week.  A corner of the roof edging came loose, got pulled free and the rolled roofing returned to its rolled state!  (It was snowing that day, too.)  Last weekend, we flattened out the roofing that was rolled up and then covered it with new rolled roofing.  There are about three layers now--keeps the shed from leaking if it loses some of its roofing.  However, we have to repair the rip so the wind doesn't take the whole roof off.  Wind is entertaining!

These were birds earlier this month eating the seeds out of our yard.  I refilled the bird feeders since the snow keeps on coming.