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Monday, June 1, 2020

Finally, I update!

It's now June and it seems I have neglected this blog for many months.  I guess it was a busy winter.  Certainly an uneventful one.

We are selling our cabin in the Basin due to the evironmental pillaging of the wind tyrants.  We bought ranch land, we now get an INDUSTRIAL POWER PLANT.  Nope, the greedy tyrants will do whatever they want, but we won't be there to see the sagebrush ripped up, tons of concrete poured and thousands of tons of metal shoved into the sagebrush sea.  We will not witness the extinction of the sage grouse and horned lizards at the hands of the greedy new gold rush participants.  Humans never learn.  They just destroy over and over.

I am still working on the garden and with the above average temperatures this week, it's slower than ever.  My plants did well after I put them in front of a window and added artificial light.  They're outside in a small greenhouse at the moment, waiting for their places in the garden and large greenhouse to be prepared.

 I'm going with some pictures now and will add more tomorrow.

 Small buck

 Snow, of which we had very little this year.    Summer is going to be dry.
 Snow cornice formed over eaves trough

More daffodils!
That's it for now.  

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