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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Mostly pictures and some explanations:

The red sun is from the smoke coming from the West coast forest fires.  Those have pretty much ended now and the sun is back to normal.

The garden did pretty well considering it was cool and wet for May and June, then 90 degrees for all of July.  The peas even managed to hang in there until about the middle of August.  I did use shade covers over them much of July.

The zucchini is odd shaped 
due to growing around the 
stem of the plant.
The tomatoes didn't get a chance to ripen much before frost became common overnight, so I took them inside to ripen.  The cupcake paper cups were my husband's idea.  They keep the tomatoes from touching.  I then made newspaper squares and set individual tomatoes in those to do the same thing.  The tomatoes ripened faster than in the past, and were wonderful eating.  I also froze a lot of them whole for soup and sauces later on.  They're a colorful array of tomatoes!

Next are the two swift foxes we caught in the yard.  One was a young fox, the other full-grown.  They make the loudest growling and barking when you get close to them in the trap!  We just turn them loose.  They are harmless and rather cute except for the snarling!   

Skunks are captured and disposed of, however.  One tried to dig into the garden and go after the ducks.  After twice he/she dug under the gate as far as they could, I put the trap across the gate opening, with the gate closed, and set the trap.  That skunk will not be bothering the ducks again.  

It's funny, when there's a predator like a skunk or an owl, you can tell because the ducks are all huddled together on the far side of the garden.  They stayed far away from the skunk in the trap, even after it was dead.  As long as they could see it, they stayed away.

I had not purchased a gas can in years and discovered they were made useless by government regulation.  I "adjusted" the spout, removing all the impediments to getting gas out.  When I finished (picture is part way through the process), the spout looked normal again and gas flowed freely!

Remodeled gas can spout

The next picture is a window leak, which we now have stopped.

This is the "we have too many ducks" stage!  We ended up butchering 16 total over the summer.  Now, there's just 6 left.  It's time to clip wings again—one was out of the garden this morning!

Pictures from here on:



Wolf spider I found in dog's toy box

Something nested on the outhouse at the cabin!

That's it for now!

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