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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Enjoying nature

Today I was startled by a sparrow trying to build a nest under my window air conditioner.  This is not uncommon.  In the past, they have even built under the cover.

I thought maybe just putting in pictures of the critters around here might be fun.  It's springtime right now, meaning it goes from snowing to 80°F (27°C) about once a week here!  Icicles form from the rain sometimes.

We have a wide variety of critters around:




Tiny bunny

Bunny right outside my door

The tiny bunnies are now about one and half times the size shown in the photo.  These bunnies live under the platform outside my door (seen in the above photo).  I have nearly stepped on them several times.  They have no fear of me.  Nor do the deer.


The grackle comes to where I toss bird seed out the window.   There's no feeder, I just toss the seed on the ground.  I have gotten a surprising variety of birds to come in and eat.  April and May are the best time, as the birds are migrating through during that period.

Last spring snow:

Pigeon in tree

Springtime daffodils:

Head outside and see what nature has to offer where you are!  

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