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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wasted spending on so-called animal control

Again, I am faced with Natrona county Wyoming spending thousands and thousands of dollars and wasting thousands of gallons of gas to pay people to drive around in a truck and tell the citizens of the county "There's nothing I can do."  These individuals make a good wage and have benefits with the job.  To drive around and say "There's nothing I can do."  WHY?

I find it impossible to fathom why the city fathers feel throwing thousands of dollars into a program that involves nothing more than telling people there's nothing they can do is justified.  It's just flat out stupid.  I can find no other term that fits it.  The people who support it are wasting tax money and cheating the residents out of real services the money could provide.

Game and Fish does the same thing.  Forget reporting wildlife harassment.  If they don't see it, it didn't happen.  I advise watching the illegally running do that Metro refuses to deal with slaughter the deer and rabbits in your yard.  It's natural, remember.  It's not like anyone cares.  They CLEARLY do not.

Again, if you plan on moving to Natrona county, learn to love wildlife slaughter, your yard destroyed and your own pet unable to use your yard because the only thing Natrona county cares about is paying people to drive around and do nothing.  Welcome to Wyoming, where we don't give a crap about law-abiding citizens rights, only the lawbreaker with the killer dog.

Have a wonderful life here.

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