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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The definition of STUPID

Once again there are "cute" pictures of people living with deer, being licked by them, petting them and allowing the deer into their homes.  We have a term for these people:  Idiots.

First, even Walt Disney had Bambi playing with other animals, not people, and Disney was the ultimate "warm and fuzzy brainless" guy out there.  People do not interact with Bambi, except where a hunter gets Bambi's mother.  People and Bambi were a bad mix.

Second, deer are WILD animals.  There are people injured and killed by "pet" deer.  Here are a couple of links:

Individuals who allow deer into their homes and up close in their yards lack any sense whatsoever.  The deer can seriously injure children and sometimes adults.  Deer have ticks that cause lyme disease.  Perhaps that's okay?  Lyme disease is just part of beautiful nature and your three year old hospitalized for lyme disease is no big deal, right?  It's far more important to foster emotional stupidity in your child than responsible, rational thought.  And in the end, having the deer in your yard and taking pictures, posting on youtube, sending emails are far more important than the health and welfare of your kid.  Kids outgrow cute, deer do not.

I post pictures of deer on my blog, yes.  I want to make it very clear I do NOT name the deer, pet the deer, let the deer in my house or any other emotionally gratifiying yet so stupid actions.  The deer are in my yard because I have tall sagebrush and trees, plus a small "pond".  The habitat is favorable.  I do not feed the deer.  I chase them away from my trees if I see them eating (I may take a photo first, then yell.) The deer laying against my house will jump up and run if I open the window, just like a wild animal is supposed to.  They are NOT pets.  

One year during hunting season I actually carried a gun everywhere in my yard because some of the deer had become aggressive.  One doe in particular would stomp the ground and snort at me.  I actually was afraid she would attack when I came around a blind corner of the house or garage.  

Message here:
Deer are NOT pets.  Only very stupid people make them into pets.  If you are one of the stupid people and the deer injure your children or you or give you a disease, check the mirror.  YOU injured your child or made them sick, YOU injured yourself or made yourself sick.  Hopefully it was worth the internet fame.  It certainly proves how little people care about wildlife and their own families.

This picture is take with a telephoto lens from my bedroom window.  Cropping makes the deer look closer.  This is as it should be.  

I have written about this in the past, and the damage the deer do to one's yard.  People who have deer licking their faces and checking out the barbecue have deer feces all over their yard.  Talk about an invitation to disease.  It is difficult to fathom the romance in a yard full of feces, wildlife in one's home and inviting injury and disease to fall upon one's family.  

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