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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Winter finally arrives

Seems like my blog posts mostly rely on the weather for names.  It's been busy here, so I'm going with mostly photos and a few comments.

Winter is here and it's COLD out there.  December 8th it was -33F overnight.  Today, the wind is blowing and it's around 17 degrees.  The snow we had Friday is moving all around now!

Before the wind

Before the wind

December 29th update and finishing!

The deer are back:

Scratching an itch

Bedded down for the snowy night

Winter also returned with very strong winds and snow.  The road that goes around the south end of Casper near Casper Mountain had gusts to 88 mph this week and nearly that high last week.  Many places had hurricane force winds.  Clark, Wyoming, topped 100 mph at least twice since the start of December.  There is a high wind warning for tonight through tomorrow at 11 am.  It's welcome to Wyoming Wind time!!

We also have had snow, which blows all over and closes roads.  The snow then blows into rock hard drifts and leaves open spaces everywhere.  It's a white and tan Christmas!

After the wind

Before the wind

That's it.  More next year!

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