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Friday, February 20, 2015

Here we go again!

It has been a roller coaster season.  It jumps up into the 50's for a while, then back down to the 30's and below.  It's predicted now that it will be cold and snow.  Yesterday, I was out in a t-shirt and no jacket checking on where my ducks were.  I left them free-ranging, which I have not done lately.  Most days they go in the garden, where they are relatively safe from predators and wind.  However, since it was warm and not windy, I left them out.  They were showing great interest in something on the ground and in the sagebrush.  Later, when I came to check, they were in the freezer shelter in the garden.  When my hubby came home, the ducks had returned to the wind break and were foraging again.  At night, they have to stay in the greenhouse when it's cold because that's where their heated water dish is.  Most days I do let them out for a while, but if it's below 10 degrees, it's just too cold.

There's not much else going on here.  Winter is just not the exciting season it can be.  Hopefully, things will pick up, more snow will occur and things will pick up!  This is Dusty "plowing" about 3 inches of snow on her ramp to get to her yard!  She loves snow!

This is Dusty with her tail hair removed.  She was sick for nearly two weeks and her tail hair was always messy, so I removed it.  Now she really doesn't look like a pomeranian anymore.  

My small Christmas cactus bloomed again this year.  The larger one is not doing well, so I am going to repot it.  

So long for now!

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