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Friday, April 18, 2014

Ducks, snow, flowers and critters

April 18, 2014

It's duck season here!  First, we fetched six muscovy ducks, full-grown, because we thought we would not get Pekins this year.  Their was on female laying, but after a foot injury, she stopped.  There are five females, so in a while we should get more eggs.  These are very, very mellow ducks.  I have to chase them out of the pen or they just lay in there all day long.  I stopped with the daytime feeding so they have incentive to go look for food!
A week ago, the farm store called and said they had our ducklings.  I was like "What?"  We had cancelled the order because they seemed uncertain about getting the ducklings.  Since we really like the Pekins, we went ahead and got the ducklings.  They are in the garage right now so they stay warm and dry.  They should be big enough to go outside in about three to four weeks, depending on weather.  We won't house them together.  I'm making a new pen for the muscovies that includes two trees inside and a lot of sagebrush for cover.  It won't have a "top" on it, but the muscovies can climb (as seen by the "injured" duck that climbed out of the infirmary and was atop the regular pen) and should be better able to avoid predators.

Muscovies in their pen

Week old Pekins

Look, I can climb!

There have been a couple of snow storms in March and April.   Today, it was 71 degrees with 35 mph winds!  Of course, it could snow several more times before actual "spring" arrives, assuming we don't just skip to summer!

Frost along the ramp treads


Because it got down to 10 degrees last weekend, I had to cover the daffodils and tulips and picked the buds that had formed.  They all did fine and will hopefully keep blooming in the warmer weather.

We have a tiny bunny living under the ramp again--he hides under the porch.

Lastly, this is a yearling deer in snow.  She looked so sweet.

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