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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Freezing cold, snowed in and it's sooooo beautiful

Can someone explain to me when retirement came to mean living in a freezing cold area, snowed in for weeks? When did it become heaven on earth at 20 below? When did watching hundreds of dollars of building material blow across the prairie become so funny? There is certainly no concern for the environment in this practice. Please, someone explain why wealthy retirees love living in complete tech comfort (tv, cell phone, internet) out in the middle of nowhere. It's certainly not roughing it. It's very expensive. As one ages, does the idea of pretending to be tough and independent become appealing? Is this a Bear Grylls thing? Telling everyone you are a survivor and conquerer while living in luxery hotels at night? I have to be honest, if this is retirement, count me out. I have no desire to start a cult following on the frozen prairie. Nor did I move to this state to be sucked into someone else's prescribed life style and keep them company in their old age. What have Americans become?

Feb 2, 2011
It was reportedly -35 degrees (some reports put it at -48 degrees) in Nirvana last night. Go Nirvana.

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