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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Spring" returns and so do I!

I have been sidetracked from this blog for a few days, but things have slowed down now. 

Yesterday, it snowed for most of the day.  It was a heavy, wet snow that melted quickly.  However, the snow lasted all day and made for a gloomy day.  Casper Mountain got 14 inches of snow!

Wind returned over the weekend, making life much colder outside.  Casper has a "Home and Garden Show" each spring with all kinds of vendors of flooring, doors, decor, etc.  Saturday, the wind made it feel very wintery out, taking away from the spring atmosphere of the Home Show.  The "Garden" aspect was totally lost on visitors!  Of course, we don't expect true spring for two and a half months.  Last "frost" date for Casper is around May 21. 

Casper escaped the heavy snow seen in Colorado now, but the down side is the snow pack in Wyoming is below normal (average).  This is due in part to lack of snow and also the warm weather early on.  This will mean a lower supply of irrigation water and lower reservior levels.  We just came out of eight years of drought.

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