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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Swamp Creature paradise—Liberal haven or why I hate Wyoming politics

Well, the liberals-in-sheep's clothing residents of Wyoming primaried the same Swamp Creature to Republican senate candidate as before—Pretty Boy Barrasso, the siamese twin of McConnell.  He carried Jackson fully—no surprise, they are Trump haters all and swamp lovers.  Why did Wyoming primary him as a candidate?  GREED, pure unadulterated GREED.  Wyomingites love a guy who lied about repealing Obamacare and, like Santa Claus Enzi, vowed to steal as much of the rest of the country's money for Wyoming as possible while rejecting a candidate with a clear plan for the state.  Wyoming HATES actual plans, loves filling the swamp.  Wyoming is, to put it bluntly, filled with idiots.  Greedy, stupid, fools.  Takers.  (Yeah, they are friendly and nice—all greedy takers and con artists are.)

Better yet, they primaried a guy for governor who lied outright, claiming to be an active rancher in Kaycee while living 300 miles away in Cheyenne.  Wyoming loves liars.  They rejected the woman who ran—she wanted to actually help Wyoming, not herself.  Can't have that garbage, can we?  The Democrats primaried a woman as candidate—so all of you who say Republicans are all about MALES, you're right here in Wyoming.  Republican women are barefoot and in the kitchen and we're keeping them that way.  Of course, greedy, self-absorbed, destroy-the-state rich people are generally male and they always are the ones who win the elections.  Never mind in 35 years, NO ONE has grown the economy, kept our kids here, etc.  Buy the fairy tale—again, stupid, stupid people.  

You are warned.  Wyoming is about greed and stupidity.  It is not the old west.  It's 100% liberal America in the 21st century.  There is ZERO independence here and massive disdain for the state by those who run it.  Only those who HATE Wyoming and want to "make it better" (remember Obama wanted to change America?  Welcome to a rerun thereof) are elected.  People who live here hate the place.  And vote accordingly.

When the Democrats win the midterms, you can kiss oil and gas goodbye and Wyoming will have begged for the destruction of their state.  We're not only California's prostitute (destroying wildlife with the wind turbines California demands), we're the whole country's prostitute.  No wonder Wyoming is a laughing stock.  We deserve it and the destruction that is coming by the liberals Wyoming so loves.

Yes, that's the correct view of a typical Wyoming voter

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Prairie Princesses/Nature counts for nothing

I realized that prairie women as nothing but pampered princesses was the way of the Old West—when women were ornamental.  It seems ornamental is the way to go now.  Scary.   (See last post.)

In spite of protests to the contrary, Wyoming cares NOTHING about wildlife, nature, scenery, or anything they cannot make a buck off of.  They would have destroyed every single sage grouse if there was no ESA.  They still may with the new environmental push to destroy species with wind turbines to make the rich richer.  Again, wildlife only counts if you can make more money keeping it than destroying.  Take pictures of the grouse, raptors, etc.  Buffet and Anschutz are taking out as many as they possibly can.  Just like the Old West—kill everything that got in the way.  We have NOT changed in the least.

It's political season and you need to know if you are moving to Wyoming unless you have a couple of million dollars and lean left,  you are nothing to Wyoming.  Just a bunch of slaves to the minerals industry to bring in money to pay the politicians that despise you.  It's much like the Johnson County cattle wars where the little people were nothing and the rich were everything.  Do not be fooled by campaigns by the bureaucrats to lure the unsuspecting slaves here.  The aristocrats have high speed internet, get cell phone coverage and privilege.  Everyone else has crap internet, crap cell phones, etc.  All the politicians hate Wyoming and want it made into Colorado.  It's great fun living where the lifestyle you moved here for is despised and hated by those in charge.  The state would be wall to wall towns and industries if the politicians got their way.  They HATE open space, the cowboy way.  Sure, every lying politician puts on a cowboy hate and pretends to ride a horse, but virtually NONE actually live on a ranch or do anything other than pay the peons to care for the ranch.  The "cowboy" life is a joke—something to lure in fools who don't know better.

For those who think there is open space, the population density is probably close to South Dakota, Nebraska, etc.  It's the absence of trees that give the impression there are fewer residents.  There are hundreds of subdivisions destroying the open spaces of the prairies for a few bucks in property taxes. Most are owned by people living in other states.  All because the legislature created a law with a HUGE loophole that allowed the destruction of ranches.  Again, the politicians don't care.  They hate the state.

I guess that's enough of a rant for now.  It's very frustrating watching the lies and deception spread about living in Wyoming.  It may be great at times, but the THOUSANDS of alters to Gore and Obama (wind turbines), the endless subdivisions, the constant lies of political candidates, the lack of decent services make it just like any other state.  We will never progress—we cannot.  We can only be destroyed by those who hate the state.  Don't be fooled.

Friday, June 15, 2018

May/June update

A word about the “fake prairie life".  There are blogs about "prairie life" that include dressing up fancy and pushing products on the net.  THAT IS NOT PRAIRIE LIFE.  That’s downtown Denver life.  Believing this fantasy land can lead people to think moving to the prairie is romantic.  Suddenly, the kid is bitten by a rattlesnake, the dog attacked and killed by an eagle, and the home flooded in a hail storm and electricity is out for two weeks.  Assuming one is still there when winter hits, it's 10 feet of snow and 60 mph winds.  The lie of the prairie romance is exposed.   I find all of this type of “make-believe” harmful to the world, creating a false story that people fall for and can end up dead from.  I realize that fiction is the new “reality”, but I have to mention that reality still exists even if you think you can ignore it.

Speaking of rattlesnakes, I came out of my garage and found this on laying along the path to the house.  I fetched the snake hook, a cooler and the snake is now in the taped shut cooler in the shade to be released after my hubby comes home.  We usually look for an open place to release these, though the wiping out of ranches means there are fewer and fewer places the snake can actually live.  (For those of you who hate rattlesnakes, all I can say is "haunta virus".  You kill the predators that keep the vermin in check, you get more vermin.)

A couple of days later while mowing I went over the top of a baby rattlesnake, about the size of a pencil.  I couldn't catch him and he slithered out of the yard.  About 4 days later we found him again out in the windbreak.  Again, couldn't catch him.  So now I do yard work with leather gloves on!

Speaking of vermin, I now live between two rural ghetto junkyards:

These are vermin haven.  The bunnies like it too, but I worry that the number of mice breeding is huge.  The county doesn't care in the least.  You can have 100 dead cars and other junk and nothing is done.  Now, for the lowlifes who want to live in garbage, that's great.  However, I caution you if you want to move to Wyoming that you may be living next to garbage dumps.  

There is an up side to this.  I was going to paint my house all one color and make it look nice.  However, since I live between garbage heaps, I'm sticking with the calico motif and painting the walls, trim and skirting whatever colors I have.  Actually, I kind of like the quirky look and since my neighbors have made it clear that there is no reason to care what your lot and house look like, I plan on going with the idea.  Plus, adding some colorful "garden tool statues" (really recycled tools welded together and called "art"), probably a few other cute artsy things in really hideous colors, etc.  It's quite freeing to live where there are zero standards. 

The good news is the really ugly, rotting trailers up the road (that we drive by daily) are being torn out.  I guess the owner finally sold them and maybe the new owner will actually care about having a decent subdivision.  Maybe….. These are the remaining blights, and the demolition of other trailers.

This one is torn down now

Now, just some pictures.


Pincushion cactus blooming

Prickly pear cactus about to bloom—looks like a face!

Locust tree in bloom

Iris in bloom

Monday, February 5, 2018

Most odd-looking critter

We saw this yesterday, the 4th of February, on the way home:

A mule deer without ears—or without the usual big "mule" ears they are named for.  This one has like teddy bear ears.  Slightly creepy…..

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Mostly pictures and some explanations:

The red sun is from the smoke coming from the West coast forest fires.  Those have pretty much ended now and the sun is back to normal.

The garden did pretty well considering it was cool and wet for May and June, then 90 degrees for all of July.  The peas even managed to hang in there until about the middle of August.  I did use shade covers over them much of July.

The zucchini is odd shaped 
due to growing around the 
stem of the plant.
The tomatoes didn't get a chance to ripen much before frost became common overnight, so I took them inside to ripen.  The cupcake paper cups were my husband's idea.  They keep the tomatoes from touching.  I then made newspaper squares and set individual tomatoes in those to do the same thing.  The tomatoes ripened faster than in the past, and were wonderful eating.  I also froze a lot of them whole for soup and sauces later on.  They're a colorful array of tomatoes!

Next are the two swift foxes we caught in the yard.  One was a young fox, the other full-grown.  They make the loudest growling and barking when you get close to them in the trap!  We just turn them loose.  They are harmless and rather cute except for the snarling!   

Skunks are captured and disposed of, however.  One tried to dig into the garden and go after the ducks.  After twice he/she dug under the gate as far as they could, I put the trap across the gate opening, with the gate closed, and set the trap.  That skunk will not be bothering the ducks again.  

It's funny, when there's a predator like a skunk or an owl, you can tell because the ducks are all huddled together on the far side of the garden.  They stayed far away from the skunk in the trap, even after it was dead.  As long as they could see it, they stayed away.

I had not purchased a gas can in years and discovered they were made useless by government regulation.  I "adjusted" the spout, removing all the impediments to getting gas out.  When I finished (picture is part way through the process), the spout looked normal again and gas flowed freely!

Remodeled gas can spout

The next picture is a window leak, which we now have stopped.

This is the "we have too many ducks" stage!  We ended up butchering 16 total over the summer.  Now, there's just 6 left.  It's time to clip wings again—one was out of the garden this morning!

Pictures from here on:



Wolf spider I found in dog's toy box

Something nested on the outhouse at the cabin!

That's it for now!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Enjoying nature

Today I was startled by a sparrow trying to build a nest under my window air conditioner.  This is not uncommon.  In the past, they have even built under the cover.

I thought maybe just putting in pictures of the critters around here might be fun.  It's springtime right now, meaning it goes from snowing to 80°F (27°C) about once a week here!  Icicles form from the rain sometimes.

We have a wide variety of critters around:




Tiny bunny

Bunny right outside my door

The tiny bunnies are now about one and half times the size shown in the photo.  These bunnies live under the platform outside my door (seen in the above photo).  I have nearly stepped on them several times.  They have no fear of me.  Nor do the deer.


The grackle comes to where I toss bird seed out the window.   There's no feeder, I just toss the seed on the ground.  I have gotten a surprising variety of birds to come in and eat.  April and May are the best time, as the birds are migrating through during that period.

Last spring snow:

Pigeon in tree

Springtime daffodils:

Head outside and see what nature has to offer where you are!  

Sunday, March 12, 2017

The roller coaster weather of Wyoming

Wyoming's roller coaster of weather is in full force.  We have had two snow storms in the last couple of weeks.  The first was 12 inches of snow, followed by 40 mph wind.  That snow stayed around for a few days, then the weather warmed and it was gone except the drifts.  Then March 6th, when .5" of snow was predicted, there was 4.5 inches of snow, 40 mph winds with 50 mph gusts.  The next two days had high wind warnings with winds in excess of 40 mph and gusting over 60.  The temperatures rose, the snow is melting and we're in the 50's now, above average for this time of the year.

Today, the 12th, it snowed a bit this morning and now it's sunny and kind of windy.  Ah, Wyoming in the spring!

I bought supplies to start plants indoors when we went shopping.  It's a bit early and I'm still waiting on the seed, but I figured I should start the peppers and eggplants early.  I have an eggplant and a pepper in containers in the house from last year.  The pepper still makes little bitty peppers but the eggplant hasn't produced.  I guess it's not getting pollinated.

Soon enought it will be planting time and I can go outside and "play".  This week I'm going to clear the asparagus patch.  The tulips and daffodils in there will be coming up and blooming in less than a month, barring more nasty snow storms!

Deer using a drift as a wind block!

Antelope in the yard (photo by my husband)

Fox tracks


Scene driving back from Rawlins Feb. 27, 2017

Driving back from Rawlins    February 27, 2017

Then there's the adorable dog:

There's a nose in there somewhere! 
Arent' I soooo cute?