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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Swamp Creature paradise—Liberal haven or why I hate Wyoming politics

Well, the liberals-in-sheep's clothing residents of Wyoming primaried the same Swamp Creature to Republican senate candidate as before—Pretty Boy Barrasso, the siamese twin of McConnell.  He carried Jackson fully—no surprise, they are Trump haters all and swamp lovers.  Why did Wyoming primary him as a candidate?  GREED, pure unadulterated GREED.  Wyomingites love a guy who lied about repealing Obamacare and, like Santa Claus Enzi, vowed to steal as much of the rest of the country's money for Wyoming as possible while rejecting a candidate with a clear plan for the state.  Wyoming HATES actual plans, loves filling the swamp.  Wyoming is, to put it bluntly, filled with idiots.  Greedy, stupid, fools.  Takers.  (Yeah, they are friendly and nice—all greedy takers and con artists are.)

Better yet, they primaried a guy for governor who lied outright, claiming to be an active rancher in Kaycee while living 300 miles away in Cheyenne.  Wyoming loves liars.  They rejected the woman who ran—she wanted to actually help Wyoming, not herself.  Can't have that garbage, can we?  The Democrats primaried a woman as candidate—so all of you who say Republicans are all about MALES, you're right here in Wyoming.  Republican women are barefoot and in the kitchen and we're keeping them that way.  Of course, greedy, self-absorbed, destroy-the-state rich people are generally male and they always are the ones who win the elections.  Never mind in 35 years, NO ONE has grown the economy, kept our kids here, etc.  Buy the fairy tale—again, stupid, stupid people.  

You are warned.  Wyoming is about greed and stupidity.  It is not the old west.  It's 100% liberal America in the 21st century.  There is ZERO independence here and massive disdain for the state by those who run it.  Only those who HATE Wyoming and want to "make it better" (remember Obama wanted to change America?  Welcome to a rerun thereof) are elected.  People who live here hate the place.  And vote accordingly.

When the Democrats win the midterms, you can kiss oil and gas goodbye and Wyoming will have begged for the destruction of their state.  We're not only California's prostitute (destroying wildlife with the wind turbines California demands), we're the whole country's prostitute.  No wonder Wyoming is a laughing stock.  We deserve it and the destruction that is coming by the liberals Wyoming so loves.

Yes, that's the correct view of a typical Wyoming voter