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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Prairie Princesses/Nature counts for nothing

I realized that prairie women as nothing but pampered princesses was the way of the Old West—when women were ornamental.  It seems ornamental is the way to go now.  Scary.   (See last post.)

In spite of protests to the contrary, Wyoming cares NOTHING about wildlife, nature, scenery, or anything they cannot make a buck off of.  They would have destroyed every single sage grouse if there was no ESA.  They still may with the new environmental push to destroy species with wind turbines to make the rich richer.  Again, wildlife only counts if you can make more money keeping it than destroying.  Take pictures of the grouse, raptors, etc.  Buffet and Anschutz are taking out as many as they possibly can.  Just like the Old West—kill everything that got in the way.  We have NOT changed in the least.

It's political season and you need to know if you are moving to Wyoming unless you have a couple of million dollars and lean left,  you are nothing to Wyoming.  Just a bunch of slaves to the minerals industry to bring in money to pay the politicians that despise you.  It's much like the Johnson County cattle wars where the little people were nothing and the rich were everything.  Do not be fooled by campaigns by the bureaucrats to lure the unsuspecting slaves here.  The aristocrats have high speed internet, get cell phone coverage and privilege.  Everyone else has crap internet, crap cell phones, etc.  All the politicians hate Wyoming and want it made into Colorado.  It's great fun living where the lifestyle you moved here for is despised and hated by those in charge.  The state would be wall to wall towns and industries if the politicians got their way.  They HATE open space, the cowboy way.  Sure, every lying politician puts on a cowboy hate and pretends to ride a horse, but virtually NONE actually live on a ranch or do anything other than pay the peons to care for the ranch.  The "cowboy" life is a joke—something to lure in fools who don't know better.

For those who think there is open space, the population density is probably close to South Dakota, Nebraska, etc.  It's the absence of trees that give the impression there are fewer residents.  There are hundreds of subdivisions destroying the open spaces of the prairies for a few bucks in property taxes. Most are owned by people living in other states.  All because the legislature created a law with a HUGE loophole that allowed the destruction of ranches.  Again, the politicians don't care.  They hate the state.

I guess that's enough of a rant for now.  It's very frustrating watching the lies and deception spread about living in Wyoming.  It may be great at times, but the THOUSANDS of alters to Gore and Obama (wind turbines), the endless subdivisions, the constant lies of political candidates, the lack of decent services make it just like any other state.  We will never progress—we cannot.  We can only be destroyed by those who hate the state.  Don't be fooled.

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